Dept 56

Snowbabies™ - Charming, hand-painted porcelain bisque Snowbabies offer countless opportunities to celebrate love, friendship, inspiration and life's memorable moments.

Dickens' Village Series® - The architecture, customs and history of Victorian England are inherent in the Dickens' Village Series. These distinguished and quaint buildings and accessories are an inspiration to all who make them part of their holiday traditions.

Ornaments - Ornaments with fashion flair, team spirit, beauty or a playful style make decorating the tree fun or traditional.

Specialty Ornaments

Chinese Reverse Paintings - These unique ornaments are crafted using a specially designed brush with a curved handle, the very talented artists carefully draw an outline of the design on the inside of glass ornament. Next, the artist paints the front details, eyes, lips, cheeks, and so on, adding each additional layer of color in reverse order, the background is the last. This process takes much patience, skill, and a very steady hand to create a beautiful work of art.

Pickle Ornaments - The pickle, considered a symbol of good fortune, was hidden last amongst the branches on the Christmas tree, the first child to find it was rewarded with an extra gift.

Bows & Planters

Artificial Trees

Doiron's Christmas Store also carries a wide range of gifts, artificial trees, figurines, candles, Island themed ornaments and more. Drop into our Christmas Store year round for all of your gift and collectible needs. If you are looking for something specific, contact us and we will help you out.