What's Happening
What's Happening
Lets Dance, Big Easy Hydrangea - A beautiful re-blooming hydrangea with glossy green foliage and large pink or blue blooms depending on soil pH
Pink Supreme Carpet Rose - a Compact shrub with glossy green foliage and masses of bright pink flowers from spring to fall
Hortense Hydrangea - Large dark green leaves with gorgeous mop-head flowers that vary from pink, blue, and purple depending on soil acidity
Annabelle Hydrangea - A popular Hydrangea with large strikingly white globular blooms held about large green leaves.
Scarlet Carpet Rose - a small compact shrub with glossy green foliage and masses of scarlet red flowers that bloom from spring to fall
Lets Dance, Blue Jangles Hydrangea - A lovely compact shrub with big green leaves and large re-blooming flowers that are pink or blue depending on soil acidity
The Fairy Rose - A very hardy, low growing rose with clusters of light pink flowers that bloom non-stop from spring to fall
BloomStruck Hydrangea - Dark green foliage with stunning mop-head blooms late spring to fall. Violet or blue flowers in acid soil pink in alkaline soil
Bobo Hydrangea - A compact hydrangea with large showy white blooms held on strong stems.
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